KT Clear Thinking @ Work: Large Battery Manufacturer

With no formal project management process in place, a large battery manufacturer had become dependent on the individual heroics of dedicated employees to get projects done. Recognizing that they needed a better approach to managing their projects, senior leaders asked for a recommendation on the roll out of a systematic project management process across the organization. Once those were received, leadership accepted full responsibility for making the changes needed in the performance system to lay the groundwork for success.

Kepner-Tregoe was engaged and the firm’s templates and techniques were integrated into the manufacturer’s new R&D product development process, with training by certified KT Program Leaders at plants across North America following soon thereafter. So that this wouldn’t be seen as a “one and done” approach where intensive training wasn’t followed up on, the CEO then held town hall meetings with employees. The purpose of the meetings was so that he could reinforce the methodologies introduced during the KT sessions as well as personally endorse the fact that this would be the way the company would be managing projects going forward.

Although the rollout is not yet completed, the value of their investment to date has been fully realized. One of the largest and most visible projects the company has ever implemented has exceeded expectations in every capacity. With KT’s support the manufacturer created a mini-PMO specific to shutting down production lines at one site and restarting production at acceptable performance levels at another.

With this significant success under their belt, they plan to develop a formal Project Management Office for North America in the near future.


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